Skiing East Greenland Story in WEND Magazine

Oregon-based WEND Magazine has recently published our story and photographs featuring our recent backcountry skiing adventure among the fjords, islands and towering peaks of East Greenland. You can view a sneak peek at our story HERE. (Stay tuned to this blog post for an updated link to a full PDF version of our story soon)

WEND is a great new magazine dedicated to providing readers with top-rate stories and photographs under the auspices of “Adventure/Inspiration/Travel/Activism”. Please consider subscribing to this excellent publication. We will also be contributing adventure skiing content to WEND’s blog soon. Here’s a bit more about WEND… “Our mission is to educate and inspire, as we see travel and experience as revelation that enriches our lives, and makes us better world citizens. We travel not to escape but to challenge ourselves and discover the humanity that every culture, big or small, poor or rich, shares. Sometimes grand adventure takes us to the other side of the planet, atop a towering peak, across an ocean, or even to our own cities, just around the corner. Our narrative style doesn’t focus so much on where we go, or what summit we made, but rather all the nuances of how we get there. We are people who write in our journals, take photographs, and build our understanding of the world one step at a time with humility and respect.”