Skiing Vermont Powder

During an historic two week cycle of snowfall that blanketed our mountains with more than 60″ of fresh snow earlier this month, Rider McCrellish dances with gravity at Vermont’s Mad River Glen ski area.

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Green Mountain Goodness

Green Mountains, Mad River Glen, Vermont, USA - ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

Old Man Winter has been slow to coerce the Snow Gods into action this season, but he’s finally having some success this week. Here’s a snap of our good friend Forrest Twombly enjoying one of our favorite runs on the planet this week, at Vermont’s Mad River Glen.

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Last Trail Ride for the Season…

Camera Info: Canon 7D, 18mm, ISO 250, 1/30, f5.6;

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Trail Riding on a Terminal Moraine

New England’s “Outer Lands”, which include outer Cape Cod, and the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, are essentially the remnants of a giant terminal moraine left behind by the retreating glaciers and ice sheets that once covered present-day New England. Recently, we’ve been documenting some of the trail riding and mountain biking opportunities in this fascinating landscape, where single track trails wind through shrub oak forests and windswept moors, and the smell of the salty sea is always in the air.

We captured the image above while following our friend Sean Curry around the pine forests of Nantucket Island. In the low light of dusk, we were able to use a relatively slow shutter speed (1/30th of a second), combined with the panning of the camera, to add a sense of movement, speed and direction to the scene. The image below offers a off-road cyclist’s perspective on the coastal landscape dominated by the many green shades of shrub oak, berry bushes, heath and much more.

Happy trails!
-Brian and Emily

Camera Info: (Above) Canon 7D, 10mm, ISO 640, 1/30, f3.5; (Below) Canon 7D, 18mm, ISO 400, 1/80, f4

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