Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

We’ve been admiring this beautiful image of the north Atlantic from space, captured yesterday by one of NASA’s many weather monitoring satellites. In this image at lower right, you can see Tropical Storm Lisa, which was born yesterday. And former Hurricane Igor, which threatened to strike Bermuda as a powerful Category 3 hurricane (but spared it by weakening to a Category 1 storm), is now a huge and still-powerful sub-arctic low (top). Unfortunately, Igor rattled southeast NewFoundland on Tuesday, with winds gusting to 100 mph and 5-9″ of rain. Hundreds of roads and several major bridges were washed away by flooding.

Also, look below for an image Emily captured Monday as Hurricane Igor was closest to the New England coast. It’s breaking waves (i.e. surfing waves) in the most exposed areas reached up to twelve feet in height. (Note the sea gull toward flying in front of the wave at right). – Brian

– Brian

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