Garlic, Green Beans & Garden Greens

Yum… We harvested this year’s crop of garlic this week, which amounted to approx. 150 heads of organically grown (& synthetic fertilizer free) garlic – nearly double what we produced last year. (The photo above depicts some of this garlic drying before it gets braided in bundles for easy storage inside our kitchen) We’ll use approx. 20% of this crop as seed for next year’s crop, and enjoy the rest throughout the coming year. As the summer season crests, our garden is simply exploding. Daily, we’ve been sharing and enjoying great salads of mixed greens, arugula, mustards, baby kale and beat greens – topped with everything from the last of our sugar-snap peas to fresh herbs(cilantro!) to our own sweet raspberries, and dressed with our latest concoction of homemade herbal vinaigrette. We’ve been harvesting younger green beans for nearly a week now, and we even picked our first giant purple cherokee tomatoes this past weekend. It’s been a wonderfully warm summer with just enough rain to cool us down now and then. Thank you Mother Nature!

– Brian and Emily

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  1. awesome looking salad – and side items too. too hot in southern Illinois, but the romas and grape tomatoes in full force =- early girls and better boys – finally got a few this past week – long time for them to redden up. my bell peppers – beautiful plants and buds, but no fruit – maybe too much shade. Had some summer squash, but the 2 plants too close to dryer vent and zapped them. got another on other side of house, no fruit yet. And all is organic too – hand labor, with some manure ground in – grass clippings on top to prevent week growth – and most of time to feed the neighbors some great fresh stuff!!

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