One thought on “EmberPhoto and The Dirtbag Diaries

  1. Hello guys, Salut les amis, ….

    We have meet in Gaspe on that beautiful spring skiing Saturday at ”Bol des patrouilleurs” & ”La Serpentine”, Just before the 35 cm snowfall.

    I was at work yesterday, in front of my computer with my Ipod, listening to Fitz Cahall Dirtbag diaries. I really like the way you talk about adventure, being in you’re backyard or being 15 hrs airplane ride from it.

    Being now a dad and soon of 2 kids…. my adventures have slightly changed, but still remain adventures….

    I’ll continue to read and review your pictures from trips around the world and in you’re background with great pleasure.

    Great stuff for day dreaming…

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