Deepcember in Vermont

Deepcember is living up to its name once again in Vermont this season. And as evidenced by the first two photos here – captured in 2007 (skier: Ian Forgays) and 2008 (skier: Dylan Crossman), respectively – Deepcember often plays host to some of the finest days of powder skiing all season…

It was about a week ago now when another great mass of cold air from the Great White North began sweeping across the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, drawing moisture from the lakes as it headed for Vermont. Snow squalls produced more than 12″ of snow for the luckiest spots, and a favorable wind left much deeper pockets of snow along the steepest, high-elevation, east-facing slopes of the Green Mountains…

There’s a big snowstorm bearing down on coastal New England right now. Seaside skiing, anyone? And although we might see only a few snowflakes from this storm up here in Vermont, it looks like there might be another system in its wake.

Think snow!

Brian and Emily

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