Offshore Breeze

Captured off the New England Coast on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014. A stiff northeast wind meets a breaking wave generated by a pair of low pressure systems spinning around south of NewFoundland.

Camera Info: Canon 7OD, 250mm, ISO 400, 1/500, f6.3;

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Photo of the Month – October: Making Hay

Exploring a friend’s fields close to home in the Green Mountains… This was the last cut of hay on the fields for the season. We often ride just the perimeter of these fields, en route to a larger network of local trails, but the open fields can occasionally make for some great adventure, too.

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Camera Info: Canon 5D, 200mm, ISO 400, 1/320, f5.6

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The Ski Season Begins!

The first significant snow-producing nor’easter of the 2010-11 season dumped 10-30+″ of heavy snow over our highest mountain areas of the Northeast this past weekend (VT’s Greens and NY’s Adirondacks, especially), and skiers have been out since Friday morning(10/15) embracing the return of our good friend Old Man Winter. Below are a couple of images we captured that illustrate the incredible contrast between the world at base elevation in Vermont (approx. 1800′) and the winter wonderland above (2000′ higher) along Vermont’s Green Mountain divide. For more images from the storm, head to our skiing website,, where we posted two batches of photos from the storm and skiing this past week in Vermont: LINK 1 and LINK 2

Yes, the photo above is real – captured on Saturday, Oct 16 close to our home in Vermont!

Thank you Old Man Winter for a good dose of what’s to come in the months ahead.

-Brian and Emily

Offshore Winds!

There’s something undeniably beautiful about the sight of an ocean wave breaking in the face of strong offshore winds. Here’s one of our latest attempts at capturing this beauty…during a recent morning off the New England coast. This image is also another new addition to our collection of fine art photographs, which can be ordered through us directly, or by visiting one of our galleries (scroll down at this link). Thanks!

– Brian and Emily

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

We’ve been admiring this beautiful image of the north Atlantic from space, captured yesterday by one of NASA’s many weather monitoring satellites. In this image at lower right, you can see Tropical Storm Lisa, which was born yesterday. And former Hurricane Igor, which threatened to strike Bermuda as a powerful Category 3 hurricane (but spared it by weakening to a Category 1 storm), is now a huge and still-powerful sub-arctic low (top). Unfortunately, Igor rattled southeast NewFoundland on Tuesday, with winds gusting to 100 mph and 5-9″ of rain. Hundreds of roads and several major bridges were washed away by flooding.

Also, look below for an image Emily captured Monday as Hurricane Igor was closest to the New England coast. It’s breaking waves (i.e. surfing waves) in the most exposed areas reached up to twelve feet in height. (Note the sea gull toward flying in front of the wave at right). – Brian

– Brian

Deepcember in Vermont

Deepcember is living up to its name once again in Vermont this season. And as evidenced by the first two photos here – captured in 2007 (skier: Ian Forgays) and 2008 (skier: Dylan Crossman), respectively – Deepcember often plays host to some of the finest days of powder skiing all season…

It was about a week ago now when another great mass of cold air from the Great White North began sweeping across the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, drawing moisture from the lakes as it headed for Vermont. Snow squalls produced more than 12″ of snow for the luckiest spots, and a favorable wind left much deeper pockets of snow along the steepest, high-elevation, east-facing slopes of the Green Mountains…

There’s a big snowstorm bearing down on coastal New England right now. Seaside skiing, anyone? And although we might see only a few snowflakes from this storm up here in Vermont, it looks like there might be another system in its wake.

Think snow!

Brian and Emily

Foliage Skiing

Although our mountains close to home received a light coating of snow a couple of weeks back, it wasn’t until this past Tuesday’s snowfall that we were tempted to break out the skis and kick off the 09-10 ski season.  Up to 6″ of snow fell above 1500′ in northern Vermont, and with the snow still falling on Tuesday and fall colors still strong up to about 2500′, the skiing was beautiful.  For a few hours each day since Tuesday, we’ve been climbing the older, moss and grass-carpeted ski trails of our local ski areas, and then skiing down lower-angle trails that are relatively free of any rocks and roots.

Enjoy these!

-Brian and Emily






September Snow in Vermont!

Beautiful, beautiful September gave way to Octoburrrrr last night with the first snowflakes in months floating in from the heavens above.  Up to 3″ inches of snow fell in the Green Mountains last night and throughout the day today, with most of that falling in the Mount Mansfield region.   While the snow is always a treat, we are still looking forward to some warmer weather before Old Man Winter gets his way with us.

-Brian and Emily


Early season snow – Green Mountains, Vermont