Last Trail Ride for the Season…

Camera Info: Canon 7D, 18mm, ISO 250, 1/30, f5.6;

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Trail Riding on a Terminal Moraine

New England’s “Outer Lands”, which include outer Cape Cod, and the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, are essentially the remnants of a giant terminal moraine left behind by the retreating glaciers and ice sheets that once covered present-day New England. Recently, we’ve been documenting some of the trail riding and mountain biking opportunities in this fascinating landscape, where single track trails wind through shrub oak forests and windswept moors, and the smell of the salty sea is always in the air.

We captured the image above while following our friend Sean Curry around the pine forests of Nantucket Island. In the low light of dusk, we were able to use a relatively slow shutter speed (1/30th of a second), combined with the panning of the camera, to add a sense of movement, speed and direction to the scene. The image below offers a off-road cyclist’s perspective on the coastal landscape dominated by the many green shades of shrub oak, berry bushes, heath and much more.

Happy trails!
-Brian and Emily

Camera Info: (Above) Canon 7D, 10mm, ISO 640, 1/30, f3.5; (Below) Canon 7D, 18mm, ISO 400, 1/80, f4

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In early May, after four weeks of bicycle-powered skiing through the Alps of Switzerland, Austria and Italy, we finally gave into gravity once last time as we rolled out of the mountains toward Zurich. We skied delectable corn snow in the morning, coasted through orchards of blossoming fruit trees after lunch, and camped among songbirds one last time by a river choked with snow melt. By morning, our surroundings down in the forested foothills had us feeling like we could have already been right at home in Vermont. Then a local train whistled by… Vermont was still a long way off.

Look for more updates about our recent adventure in the Alps on our skiing website, or at this link HERE.

Thanks and enjoy! – Brian and Emily

Camera Info: Canon 7D, 70mm, ISO 125, 1/250, f16

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Photo of the Month – April: Pedal-Powered Skiing in the Swiss/Austrian/Italian Alps

pedal powered skiing, alps, bicycleIn pursuit of some good old fashioned adventure, we set off in early April on a five week long, bicycle-powered skiing adventure through the heart of the Swiss/Austrian/Italian Alps.

Throughout the months of April and May, you can follow our adventure on our skiing website, or at this link HERE. Thanks and enjoy! – Brian and Emily

Camera Info: Canon 7D, 24mm, ISO 100, 1/500, f7.1

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Photo of the Month – October: Making Hay

Exploring a friend’s fields close to home in the Green Mountains… This was the last cut of hay on the fields for the season. We often ride just the perimeter of these fields, en route to a larger network of local trails, but the open fields can occasionally make for some great adventure, too.

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Camera Info: Canon 5D, 200mm, ISO 400, 1/320, f5.6

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NEW Blog Feature: Photo of the Month – Pedal Powered Skiing

It was just a year ago this month that we were deep into a month-long, pedal-powered backcountry skiing adventure through Arctic Norway. (You can check out one of our published stories about the trip here, or a few posts on our skiing website, here.)

We captured this image around 10:30pm in the middle of May, during what was supposed to be a rest day – just as the sun was beginning its 3-4 hour journey across the horizon. At 9pm, just before crawling into our tents for the “night”, a change in the weather inspired us to pack up camp and pedal out to the end of a mountainous peninsula where we would have unobstructed views of the midnight sun to the north for several days. By 12:30am, we were high above our seashore camp, enjoying our first of several runs under the beautiful light of the midnight sun. It wasn’t until shortly after 5am that we skied back to camp. So much for a rest day!

Thanks again to friends David Alpin Skirnisson & family, Per Arneberg, Jimmy Halvardsson, Kaj Sønnichsen, Forrest Twombly, Tom Hite, Alf & Gunnar, Asbjorn, Ulf, Tore & Anna and many others who helped to make this adventure such a unforgettable experience.

Camera Info: Canon 5d, 17mm, ISO 320, 1/200, f7.1

Cover/Feature Story in WEND Magazine

In the latest winter issue, WEND Magazine has just published a feature story about our pedal-powered skiing adventures in Arctic Norway last spring. WEND also chose one of our images for the cover and ran another image as a 2-page spread and opener to the issue. Look out for WEND Magazine at larger bookstores, some outdoor stores, especially in the western US. You can take a sneak peek at the story HERE. Check back soon for a downloadable PDF version of the story here, too.

Thanks! – Brian

As the Snow Flies…Our Slideshow Season Kicks Off!

Our annual Wild People, Wild Places Slideshow Series kicks off on Thursday, Nov. 4 at The Mountain Goat in Hanover, NH (home of Dartmouth College), with our latest show: 2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Pedal-Powered Skiing in Arctic Norway. The show features our adventures in Arctic Norway this past spring, 2010, which were reported on through a series of posts on AdventureSkier, here.

The schedule for the season is coming together now, and will feature at least 10 shows throughout the northeast. Once again, we’ve got some great raffle prizes this year, including 2 pairs of BD skis, a TripleMajor Ski Pass (Mad River Glen, Bolton, Jay Peak), apparel from OR, gear from Garmont and Life Link, and much more… See poster below, and more info/press release below that… Pass it on. And feel free to contact us if you’d like to host a show in your area. Thanks!
– Brian and Emily

Wild People, Wild Places 2010-11
SHOW# 1: 2 WHEELS, 2 PLANKS – Pedal Powered Skiing in Arctic Norway
A multi-media show by Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson
WHEN: Thursday, Nov 4, 2010 @ 7pm
WHERE: The Mountain Goat (outdoor store) – Main St in Hanover, NH
COST: $5 Admission (On sale now at the Mountain Goat) Includes RAFFLE Ticket
INFO: info(at)

Hanover, NH – On Thurs,Nov. 4 at 7pm, Vermont-based photographers and adventurers Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson will bring their latest show, “Two Wheels, Two Planks – Pedal Powered Skiing in Arctic Norway” to The Mountain Goat on Main St. in Hanover, NH. The show features the couple’s recent bike-powered skiing exploration of Norway’s Arctic Alps, and will benefit Girls Move Mountains. It is part of the duo’s ongoing Wild People, Wild Place Slideshow Series, which features ten shows throughout the upcoming winter season.

“We dreamt of a bike-powered skiing adventure for many years, “ says Johnson, who along with her husband, Mohr, and two close friends, headed to Norway this past spring on assignment for WEND and Adventure Cyclist magazines. “And it was a dream come true. The combination of cycling, camping and backcountry skiing gave us great freedom to explore.”

The show will feature a mix of photos and video, run approximately one hour and be followed by big raffle of outdoor gear – proceeds from which will benefit the VT-based organization, Girls Move Mountains, which nurtures girls’ innate capacity for confidence, courage, and leadership through adventure-based experiential education.. Admission is $5 and includes one raffle ticket. Mohr and Johnson co-own Ember Photography ( and are regular contributors to Backcountry Magazine, Patagonia, Vermont Life and many others. Much of their work focuses on the enjoyment and protection of wild lands in the northeast, the Arctic and in the southern Andes.

ABOUT: The Wild People, Wild Places project is an ongoing series of exhibits and slideshows designed to inspire the public to enjoy and protect the very places featured. Through their shows, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson share stories and images from their backcountry skiing, paddling, backpacking and adventure cycling throughout the Northeast, the Arctic, the southern Andes, Europe and North America. Mohr and Johnson photograph for a wide variety of editorial, fine art, wedding and commercial clients. Their work is widely published. For more information, please contact the photographers by phone or email, or visit their websites: and

Back from Norway – Seeing the Stars Again

5/27 UPDATE: See a sneak peek at our images from Norway at our skiing website,, HERE.

We are just back from a very successful month-long, pedal-powered backcountry skiing adventure through northern Norway’s Arctic Alps – a region well above the Arctic Circle, at approx 70 degrees north latitude. The photo here features one of the four “ski bikes” pedalled by our very fortunate crew of four – Emily and I, and our Vermont friends Forrest Twombly and Thomas Hite. Stay tuned for some photos from the trip soon, and if you haven’t been following our updates from the trip on our skiing website,, check them out here.

We enjoyed a tremendous variety of weather and snow conditions in Norway, with blizzard conditions early in the trip giving way to 20 days of dry, sunny weather. The mountains were strikingly beautiful, presenting us with unlimited daily opportunities to explore their many treasures before ultimately skiing back to our seashore camps below. Best of all, the Norwegians welcomed us with open hearts and warm generosity – curious about and inspired by our human-powered approach to adventure in their local mountains.

Having spent the last month living outside under the 24 hour daylight of the Arctic sun, it was a true gift to see the skies filled with stars again upon returning to Vermont last night. And then to wake to a lush and colorful Vermont springing to life under the warm morning sun… What a world!

Stay tuned for a peek at our photos from Norway. And have a great weekend.